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Counterfeit products warning

Be aware of counterfeit products being sold online.

We are aware of several different counterfeit Coates heaters currently being sold by online retailers Amazon, Ebay and Walmart. The most common imitations look similar to our ST series spa heaters, however, we have seen our PHS models copied as well. These counterfeit products are illegally using the COATES® logo design, often with the letters rearranged. COASTS and COETAS are the two most commonly encountered.

These counterfeit products are not UL listed for use in the US or Canada and could pose a danger to unsuspecting consumers.

Use Common Sense to Avoid Counterfeits.

What to look for-

• The COATES® logo spelled correctly

• Our printed data label with COATES® logo. UL does not allow handwritten data labels

• The UL®­ mark on the data label. All Coates heaters are UL listed products.

• Only purchase a Coates heater through your local pool and spa retailer. We do not sell our products through Amazon, Ebay or Walmart.

• Counterfeit products are sold cheap because they are made from inferior materials and lack safety testing. If a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Coates Heater Company has a reputation for building high quality products that you can rely on and we work hard to maintain that reputation. These counterfeit products are a direct challenge to this and we take that seriously. If you suspect that you have purchased a counterfeit product, please contact the seller and demand a refund.

This counterfeit example is using our Coates logo on the data label, however the model number is not one we offer, the serial number is hand written and there is no UL­ mark.

This example is using our logo design with the name Coasts, a model number that we do not offer, and no UL mark.

This example is again using our logo design with the letters rearranged, no serial number and no UL mark.