This guide will assist you in determining the amount of heat loss your heater will have to replace. The accuracy of this sizing process is entirely based on the accuracy of the information provided.

Location: Indoor Outdoor
Surface Area:

* Surface area of the water in square feet.

Water Temp:


Air Temp:


Complete fields above for sizing.

* The calculation provided is based on the industry standard surface heat loss calculation which assumes a 3 1/2 MPH wind for outdoor calculations. The surface area must be in square feet and the temperatures in degrees fahrenheit. For a 5 mph wind add 25%. For a 10 mph wind double the kW required

* WATER TEMPERATURE - the desired temperature you would like to maintain (deg F).

* AIR TEMPERATURE - value should be the average daily temperature during the coldest month of operation.

* AIR BLOWERS - The use of air blowers and therapy jets will double the heat loss during operation.

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